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Making the Most of Vable Filters
Making the Most of Vable Filters
A combination of both Vable-managed and bespoke filters allows for streamlined and focused searching
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Vable filters are an excellent way of improving your search results. As you start to build searches, you will appreciate the importance of well thought out filters and, with a click, you can include or exclude entire sets of information. In some cases you might not even need a search string to create a relevant set of articles.

Perhaps you’re only interested in a precise set of publishers or a single company, or you might want to exclude a certain industry, publisher location, or foreign language - this is all possible with Vable’s out-of-the-box filters.

Searching with Standard Vable Filters

To get started, navigate to the Articles page to create a new search. The filters in the left panel will help you create a concise search with the ability to include or exclude specific publishers, sources, languages and more using the + and - options.

While multiple filters can be used at once, be aware that the system assumes an OR between filters within the same dataset and assumes an AND across multiple data sets. For example, if you were to select two industry filters and two language filters for inclusion the system would read that as:

(Industry 1 OR Industry 2) AND (Language 1 OR Language 2)

Advanced Filters

Although you can click on the expand arrow (>) to instantly see the list of filters under a particular dataset, there are several filter sets which have advanced features - these are identified by their teal color. Those with advanced options include Publisher, Sources, Companies, Languages and Email Rules (if your organization has a license for Vable Inbox extraction).

Rather than using the expander arrow, clicking on the name of the filter set will produce a dialog with search capabilities. Within the dialog, you can scroll through the list or run a search against the available data. The data (publishers, sources, languages, etc.) will be based upon the results of your Vable search, or if no search has been performed, against all articles in your platform from the last 7 days.

Once you have located your desired selections, click the box once to include results from that selection (resulting in a +), click a second time to exclude results from that selection (resulting in -), or click a third time to clear your selection altogether. You can select as many as you wish. Once finished, click Apply at the bottom of the dialog to close the box and view your results in the Articles search. Note that if you click on the X in the top right corner of the dialog, no selections will be applied.

In the case of the Sources and Email Rules filter sets, you may also opt to use the Advanced workflow to take advantage of additional searching and filtering capabilities on the Sources and Email Rules pages respectively.

The Companies filter set makes full use of Vable’s integration with a third-party natural-language processing (NLP) service for English language content items. Note that because the list of companies shown in this filter set is based on keywords extracted from content items, you may have several versions of a company name to select and Apply as filters.

Other Filters

In addition to the filter sets with advanced functionality, there are a variety of other filters available such as Publisher Type, Categories, and Industries, among others. To utilize any of these, click on the expander arrow (>), and add/exclude the filter(s) with the + or - as required. The white number in teal will tell you how many items are attached to the filter based upon your current search results.

Once you have applied filters from filter sets, you will see these as pills across the top of your results list. These can be removed using the X next to the pill or you can navigate into the filter set once again to modify your selections.

Searching with Account-Specific Filters

While Vable has many filters at your disposal to enhance your searching, your organization may also take advantage of creating bespoke filters for searching as well.

Custom Search Filters

A Custom Search Filter can be applied using the drop down menu at the top of the list of available filters. When clicked, you will see the option to filter on your Account Library (sources) or choose from the list of your organization’s private Custom Search Filters.

Complete and save your search in the usual way.

Vable Inbox Extracted Content

The Vable Inbox extraction option allows you to use content from email subscriptions right alongside your web page and RSS content sources. When Rules have extraction applied, you can select the Email Rules filter to narrow your results to content from one or more email rules. Note that content extracted from emails will automatically be found in the database of content for general searches unless license restrictions have been applied.

Custom Taxonomy

A private, bespoke taxonomy can be created and applied to sources and content extracted from emails so you can filter your sources in the most efficient way. Classification systems are the best way to keep similar themed information together so we recommend this functionality.

As with Vable’s filters, you will see your organization’s private taxonomy tree in the left panel under Taxonomies. Expand the tree as necessary and utilize the + or - options to narrow your results from among your sources and email rules which have the taxonomy applied.

Note: if you do not see this option on your platform, please contact support to request access.

Utilizing the various filters on the Articles search, you can craft a focused search to add to your Topics and Newsletters.

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