Vable allows you to create and save bespoke article searches across all your privately and publicly available resources. Individual or multiple searches form the foundation of Topics, where you can group together similarly themed content. You can configure Newsletters using these Topic(s) and distribute them to your End Users via email or - depending on your license - RSS feed.


Vable Searches are the building blocks for Topics. Spend a little time thinking about how you want to construct your search. Applying relevant Vable search functionality and filtering will ensure that your results will be as targeted as possible.

To begin creating your own Vable Searches, follow the below guide: 


Topics are a central feature on Vable and enable you to organize your content. Think of them as a way of grouping searches under one simple heading. If you want them to contain just one search, that is also possible. There are two different types of Topics:

  • A General Topic is created from a Vable article or source search. End Users can subscribe to it from MyVable, the self service portal, and it can be used across multiple Newsletters.

  • An Alert Topic is created from the Newsletter page. It can only be included in that one Newsletter. These Topics can not be subscribed to by End Users. This can be useful when you are including sensitive information on clients, competitors or industries.

Before starting your search, learn more about Topics below:


Newsletters enable subscribers to receive important current awareness updates or need-to-know information. You can create two types of newsletter to suit your requirements: 

Automated Newsletters have a set publishing schedule and are sent out automatically. These are excellent for combining publisher alerts and emails so that subscribers get just one email. There is no administration intervention.

Manually Curated Newsletters enable you to control exactly what the recipients receive. Administrators can review, edit and/or exclude articles or other useful information before publishing. These are excellent for client or industry news where results need to be checked.

Before configuring your newsletters, decide which will suit your needs. Then follow the relevant guide below:

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