Vable Inbox is popular amongst information managers for a variety of reasons which we explore in this article. With a subscription to Vable Inbox, you have access to a single location where you and your colleagues can manage all email subscriptions from third party providers as well as those from your own organization. These emails can be routed to end users in their original form and/or the information therein can be extracted and fed into the Vable InfoPro platform to be used alongside other sources of information. 

Here are some of the benefits of Vable Inbox in more detail: 

  • Accuracy: Central management of subscriptions means that when users are removed from the platform, they are automatically removed from email lists. This keeps your records accurate and reduces the time involved in ensuring all subscriptions have been updated . This is especially useful when there are a limited number of licences. If your organization has Active Directory synchronization with Vable, this process can be automated. 

  • Branding: Vable Inbox’s dual flexibility gives you different presentation options. Redirected emails are cleaned up and viewed in their original format whereas extracted content can be included in a firm-branded newsletter.

  • Consistency: Statistics will be consistent across all email subscriptions, regardless of which publisher they come from. This eliminates the often painful experience of having to manipulate the data (where provided) from publishers all into a single, coherent report for management.

  • Content: Make use of valuable content from emails. Information can be extracted and fed into the Vable InfoPro platform, allowing you to use it* as a source in Newsletters right alongside other content coming from emails, RSS feeds and web pages. *Dependent on your third party licences.

  • Control: Remove links in emails. You can remove the unsubscribe link if you want to prevent your end users from managing their own emails. It is important that you know what is happening.

  • Convenience: See all your subscriptions together in one place. This improves their visibility so you can ensure everything is running smoothly. 

  • Informative: Add value to the information being sent out. You can set up rules to insert information into the header or subject of incoming emails. 

  • Time saving: Subscription email management is time consuming. With a centralized platform, you don't have to log into different service providers  to sign up new joiners or to see who is subscribed to what. 

  • Value: Make sure that you’re getting the most out of your subscriptions. Vable can track email opens and click-throughs on links within emails, allowing you to see what is being used heavily - or not - so you can gauge the value of subscriptions.

There are many other benefits, and they all combine to become an invaluable addition to the Vable InfoPro platform.

Note: Access to Vable Inbox and some features is dependent on your subscription. For more information, please contact your account manager.

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