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Manually Curated Newsletters enable you to control exactly what your subscribers receive. Administrators can review, edit and/or exclude articles and add other useful information before publishing. These are excellent for precision client or industry news where results need to be checked and/or formatted.

This guide assumes that you have already created the shell of your Newsletter as outlined in the Create a New Newsletter guide and are ready to learn how to curate content and publish your Newsletter.

Loading Content

To bring content into your Newsletter - click on Load New Content. Content is only brought into your Newsletter when this action is completed to allow you to work on the Newsletter without anything else being added automatically and without notice.

Loaded articles will display in the content window, and any new articles after the last load will be in pending content until you decide to load them in the Newsletter. New content will be clearly marked.

A note about pending content:

In some instances, there may be a large number of pending content but your intention is to only publish a few select items. You can deselect the box labeled “New content items will be included in newsletter” prior to loading in the new content. This will load the new items as excluded, allowing you to review and include those select items. Leave the box checked to load all items as included by default.

Once content has been loaded into a Manually Curated Newsletter, the associated Topics cannot be removed until the publish cycle is complete. When the Newsletter has been published, Topics will be eligible for removal within the Newsletter’s configuration prior to the next loading of content.

Additionally, all content items, once loaded, will be visible within the curation pane of the Newsletter and eligible for publish, regardless of any subsequent changes made to Topics and searches within a single publish cycle. Any changes to searches and Topics will only impact future loading of content but not what has already been brought into the Newsletter. You will still have the option to exclude content items individually or with the mass update option available.

Managing your Curated Content

Once you have loaded the articles, you can start reviewing content. The combination of Custom quick options on the left, as well as the icons on the right side of the articles list, give you total control over the final result of your Newsletter. To help you identify what each icon does, hover your mouse pointer over them, and see additional information below.

Custom Quick Options

Under the 2 teal buttons for Configure Newsletter and Upload Article on the left, you can find Custom quick options.

You are given options to apply different views across the entire Newsletter from here.

  • Hide topic descriptions - if the Topic has a description, you may want it included in the Newsletter. This can allow you to give your readers additional information about the Topic.

  • Hide duplicates - this removes articles which have identical titles. Automatic deduplication happens against all Topics in the Newsletter and only applies to articles appearing in the same publish of the Newsletter.

  • Hide excluded - when you are curating your Newsletter, you may want to view all items - even those you have already excluded. Uncheck this option to view the excluded items in the Content pane, these will be highlighted in pink and labeled as “Excluded”. Once you have finished curating, you can check the box to hide those excluded items, giving you a clear view of content which will be published. Note that this is for curation purposes only, excluded items will never be published to end-users.

  • All topics - This option determines which Topics are visible in the article list for curation purposes only. This allows you to review the content from all Topics simultaneously or select Topics only, allowing you to hide out Topics on which you are not currently working. Note that the visibility selected here has no bearing on the content which will publish in the Newsletter. To keep a Topic from publishing entirely, deactivate the Topic in the Newsletter Configuration window.

If at any point you need to look at what effect your changes are having on the final Newsletter, click on the Preview tab.

Curation Icons

There are a collection of icons on the far right which enable you to manipulate your content. As a first step, click the full screen mode icon (the four outbound arrows) so you have more room in which to work.

  • As well as the full screen mode, in the top line of icons you have options to specify the ordering of content items, create a new temporary Topic, and include/exclude content items. These options are applied to the Newsletter as a whole. For instance, if you choose to Include/Exclude content items from here it will Include/Exclude all content items from your Newsletter in bulk.

  • Creating a temporary Topic will add a new section to which you can manually add items. You can edit the name and description of the section as required. A Temporary Topic will exist for this one publish only. Once the Newsletter has published, the section will disappear.

  • Each Topic is identifiable by its grey coloured title banner. The icons within this will apply changes to that specific Topic only. Options include: temporarily editing the Topic title (for the next publish only); adding a new content item; toggling on/off the title visibility; and including/excluding all articles within the Topic.

  • Adding or removing the Topic title with the Toggle title visibility is dependent on your preferences and how you want your Newsletter to look. For instance you may want to divide your articles under clear headings. Or you may prefer a single list of articles with no signposting in the header.

  • Occasionally you might want to add comments to an article, especially if you want to draw your readers’ attention to a section of an article or report. By clicking on the toggle comment icon, you can add comments under any article or document. Filled speech boxes indicate that there is a comment attached; while a white speech box indicates the comment field is empty.

  • The 8 dot icon to the left of the article details can be used to drag and drop the article into any other topic, or newly created section, or indeed, reordered within the Topic itself. Hover over the icon, click, and move. As a reminder, if you wish to re-order the Topics in the Newsletter, you’ll need to click on Configure Newsletter.

  • You can edit the title or description of articles using the grey pencil icon which appears when you hover over the article. Make your changes and click update.

Once again if at any point you need to look at what effect your changes are having on the final Newsletter, click on the Preview tab.

Excluding items

You are able to exclude individual articles from your Newsletter simply by clicking on the X on the right side.

You may only be including a handful of items in the final publish so you might want to start from a position of excluding everything from a single Topic or even from the entire Newsletter. Click on the circular plus/minus icon to include/exclude content items from the top level or the relevant Topic.

If you exclude something by mistake, you can reinclude it by unticking the Hide excluded box in the Custom quick options on the left hand side. Your article will appear in pink with a red excluded tag so you will know it will not be included in your Newsletter. To include it again, simply click on the undo arrow.

If an entire Topic is empty, the toggle title visibility icon will have a line through it. The Topic heading will not appear in your published Newsletter unless you explicitly click to include it. The icon will indicate its visibility as you toggle it off and on.

Including items

On occasions you might want to include extra items, which may not have been picked up by a Topic. This is useful if you want to highlight a new document on your organization’s intranet, a piece of knowhow or report, or an item online - you can include anything you want.

To upload an article click on the Upload Article button and fill in the information as required. You can add an article URL or upload a document from your desktop. This will create a new section to which you can rename/add a description as you wish. If you want to add this new article or document to a different Topic, just drag and drop it as required.

You can also add items under existing Topic headings by clicking Add new content item to the right of the Topic heading. You have full editing and formatting flexibility to add summaries, full text, or links. This is useful for including items which do not otherwise have an associated URL or document.

Once again if at any point you need to look at what effect your changes are having on the final Newsletter, click on the preview tab.

Previewing your Newsletter

Select the Preview tab to view the Newsletter’s current template. You can select a different template, if a second has been created for your organization, by selecting it from the drop-down list in the Settings pane. Click Save Changes to apply the template change.

Within the Preview tab, you also have the option to add custom Header and Footer text to your Newsletter. Select the pencil icon next to the appropriate field, insert your text, and format it using the toolbar. You can add links or mailto links, if required. Select the OK button to close the dialog, toggle the activation slider on, and select Save Changes.

Adding Subscribers

To add subscribers to the Newsletter, click on Users in the Subscribers pane. Note: your organization may have a subscription which includes Units (predefined groups of users) and these would be added by clicking on Organization Units field in the Subscribers pane.

This will bring up the dialog box to select (or remove) subscribers from the Newsletter. Anyone with a user profile on your account can be added as a subscriber. There are three tabs within the dialog to allow you to quickly view users:

  • Users currently subscribed to the newsletter;

  • Users who are not currently subscribed to the newsletter; and

  • All users

The search box allows you to search within the lists, and multiple users can be searched at once using the OR connector. Stem searching is also possible by including an asterisk at the end of the stem (e.g. Smith OR John*).

To add or remove subscriber(s), select the check box next to the name(s) and click Update Users when finished to save your changes.

Publishing your Newsletter

Once the content of your Newsletter is finalized, you’re ready to publish. Manually Curated Newsletters will only publish when an administrator selects this action.

Test publish

If you want to receive a copy of the Newsletter before it is sent out to your users, send yourself a Test publish which will go only to your email address. You can then edit the Newsletter or publish it to your subscribers.


To publish the Newsletter immediately to all subscribers, select Publish and confirm the action.

Once a Newsletter is published, the content will be cleared and new articles since the last publish will begin to queue until the next time you Load New Content.

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