July 8, 2021

Based on user feedback and in order to make way for new and improved functionality, we’ve made adjustments to the way your Manually Curated Newsletters function.

  • Now, all loaded content items will be saved within a Manually Curated Newsletter, regardless of any changes made to searches or Topics (including deactivation and edits to search strings or deletion of searches) within a single publish cycle. Any changes to searches/Topics will only impact future loading of content but not what has already loaded. You will still have the option to exclude content items individually or with the mass update option available.

  • Additionally, Topics cannot be removed or deleted from a Manually Curated Newsletter during a publish cycle once content has been loaded into it. After the Newsletter has been published, Topics will be eligible for deletion and removal within the Newsletter’s configuration prior to the next loading of content.

We hope these changes provide greater visibility. If you have any questions, let us know.

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