Vable has incorporated many ways to produce and manage statistics about your current awareness. The Dashboard offers an at-a-glance overview which allows Administrators a quick view of various statistics across the platform when first logging in. Administrators can also access specific Newsletter analytics from the Newsletters page, and downloadable and detailed data on all clicks, emails opened, Sources accessed, individual usage etc. are available from the Reports page.

Accessing the Dashboard

When you log into the Vable Administrator platform, the landing page defaults to the Dashboard with its statistical overview. A time period of one week is selected automatically but you can click to change this to 1 day, 1 month or 1 year.

Email Delivery Statistics

Email Delivery Statistics tell you how many clicks your outbound emails have had, and how many have been sent, or opened. It will also alert you to errors and unsubscribes over the given period.

If you click within any pane it will take you to the relevant statistics contained within the Reports page. For instance, if you select Newsletters clicked over the past week, it will take you straight to that Report.

Note: The Dashboard figures are taken from the past 7 days, regardless of which day you are on. However within the Reports page, a week's worth of data always begins on a Monday - this may account for differences in figures.

Incoming Email Statistics

Below the Email Delivery Statistics you will find Incoming Email Statistics, which is only relevant for those with a Vable Inbox subscription. The Received pane displays the total number of emails arriving into your Vable Inbox over the given period. Successful emails are those that have been processed by a Rule and Failed emails are those that have matched a Rule, but have failed to process. The latter is likely the result of a change in the email format, which may require and update to the Rule before it can be processed. Each of these statistics will be based on the time period set, which defaults to 1 week.

Statistics on Newsletters and Topics

Within the Top Newsletters and Top Topics panels, you will see information and statistics across your organization based on the highest click rates for those objects. Further details on each Newsletter or Topic in the list can be viewed by selecting the radio button to the left of the title, and as you hover over the graphs, there will be more information displayed. Clicking on the title will redirect you to the detailed view of the Newsletter or Topic selected.

At the bottom of the page, the My Recent Newsletters and My Recent Topics panels

display the Newsletters and Topics that you have recently created or updated. Clicking on the title will take you to the detailed view of the item, enabling you to quickly navigate to Newsletters and Topics you have recently managed.

For each Newsletter, you will see the type, schedule, how many users were sent the most recent publish and how many articles it included. For Forwarding Alerts, the schedule and article count are not included as these are not relevant fields.

For each Topic, you will see the type and number of clicks on articles.

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