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While the term source can have a variety of bespoke meanings depending on its application, a Vable Source is any individual web page or RSS feed tracked within the platform as well as Curated Feeds, comprised of articles handpicked by Client Administrators.

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Managing Sources

On the Sources page, the default list view is made up of Sources your organization has added to the platform and all those publicly available in Vable. By default, these will be sorted in order of the date that the Source was created in Vable, with the most recently added appearing first. You can adjust the sorting options to sort by Source title or by content produced (when the most recent article was picked up by the Source) if you wish. Clicking on the descending arrow icon at the top, right-hand side of the Source list will reverse the results ordering.

Searching Amongst Existing Sources

Run a Search

Run a search to locate a specific Source or set of Sources. You can search for phrases with straight quote marks, e.g. “press release”. Boolean connectors can be utilized in your search query: AND; OR; AND NOT. Additionally, truncation (or stemming) allows you to search for the root form of a word with any ending e.g. employ* will find employ, employment, employer.

By default, the search runs across all fields. However, when you begin typing your search terms, a dropdown menu will appear which allows you to limit your results to individual fields. You can combine multiple field searches in a single query using the format fieldName:query. By including the field parameters in the search string, you are able to be very specific about where certain terms appear. Be sure to format the field name as seen below, adhering to capitalizations. The available fields are:

  • url:

  • title:

  • description:

  • publisherName:

Quick Options

Utilize the quick filter options to view only deleted Sources or Sources which have a restriction applied. Simply click the checkbox next to the corresponding option to filter your results.

Account Library

Your Account Library includes all Sources your organization has added to the platform, as well as any public Sources manually added to the Account Library from within Vable. To filter your view to see only those Sources within the Account Library, select the drop down for "Custom Search Filters" and click “Account Library”.

Publisher Filter

Select the arrow head to view the top Publishers, this will show you a preview of the top 10 Publishers according to how many Sources are in the database for each. Select the + to use the Publisher filter as an inclusion, or the - to use it as an exclusion.

Clicking on the teal coloured Select Publishers title will open a dialog window where you can search for the required Publisher. Ticking the box beside a publisher once will include results from that publisher. Ticking the box a second time will exclude results from that publisher, and ticking it a third time will clear your selection. You can select as many as you wish. Once finished, close the dialog and view your results.

Other FIlters


Filter your results to include/exclude:

  • RSS Feeds

  • Web Pages

  • Curated Feeds - learn more about Curated Feeds here

  • 3rd Party APIs - access to 3rd party APIs is dependent on your organization's subscription, please contact Support for more information


Filter your results to include/exclude Sources by their state - active or inactive. Inactive Sources are Sources that are either newly added to the platform and are awaiting final setup by our Content Team or are in Error state. Sources in Error state are fixed on a regular basis by our Content Team. If you notice a Source in this state and you need content from it for an upcoming publish, report it to the team using the “Report to Vable” function under the Source’s actions menu. Learn more about Source Status Icons here.


Filter your results to show only public or private Sources. Public Sources are those RSS feeds and web pages which provide content available publicly on the internet. Premium and paid for content, as well as Sources which include search strings in the URL, are marked as private to your organization only.


Expand the Label structure by clicking on the arrow head. For any sub-labels, you will need to further expand the view by clicking on the arrow head next to the root-label. Clicking once on the + will apply that Label as an inclusion filter, clicking on the - will apply that Label as an exclusion filter.


Click on the arrow head to expand your Taxonomy structure, or you can search for your specific taxonomy term in the search box. Apply the filter in the usual way - click on the + to add or - to exclude.

Applying Labels or Taxonomies to Sources

Labels and Taxonomies can be used to manage your information in Vable. The structure of both the Label tree and Taxonomies must be created by a Global Administrator on your account. Once created, these can be assigned to Sources to help manage and group the information.

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To apply, select the checkbox next to the required Source(s), then select either the Label or Taxonomy icon accordingly.

Whether you select to apply Labels or Taxonomies, the dialog window will behave the same.

Use the arrow head to expand top-level terms, or utilize the text box to search for the exact term. Select the checkbox next to the relevant term(s) to apply them. Deselecting will remove it. When finished, close the dialog.

If a checkbox is filled in completely, this means that one of the selected Sources already has that label or taxonomy term applied. Selecting the checkbox again will generate a prompt to remove the label/taxonomy from the Source(s).

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