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Administrators who wish to restrict access to content can do so through the license restrictions feature. This feature is intended for use on Sources and extracted email items which contain premium/subscription content or otherwise sensitive information.

When set, the restriction:

  • Prevents articles from appearing in search results unless the restricted Source has individually been selected for inclusion as a search filter;

  • Applies a restriction icon to all Topics and searches which include restricted Sources to ensure visibility of this when added to Newsletters;

  • Prevents articles from appearing in general searches on the MyVable self service platform; and

  • Displays the licence information (applied on the Source detail view) for each restricted Source when the restriction icon is hovered over on the Topic and search respectively.

Note that while this functionality does prevent general article searches from including content from restricted Sources and emails in their results, it is up to Administrators to ensure that Topics which include restricted content are used appropriately in Newsletters.

When sharing Topics to MyVable, it is recommended that the license restriction functionality be used in tandem with the available Topic access restrictions to prevent End Users from gaining access to Topics which include restricted content not permitted for them.

Applying License Restrictions When Adding a New Source

A Source can be marked as restricted during the process of adding the Source to the platform. Within Step 2, the checkbox for “This source is restricted” should be selected, and a brief description of the usage terms entered into the text box.

Applying License Restrictions to Existing Sources

If the required Source has already been added to the Vable platform, you can apply the license restriction within the Source details view.

First, locate the required Source within the Sources page and click on the title to view the details page. Next, select More Details. Select the checkbox for “This source is restricted”, and enter a brief description of the usage terms into the text box. You must click Save Changes for this to update.

Applying License Restrictions to Extracted Email Content

Extracted content from emails which are under license restrictions can also be marked accordingly to prevent accidental inclusion in your Topics and Newsletters. Read more about handling license restricted content within Vable Inbox here.

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