Searching across predefined and preselected groups of information can ensure extremely accurate results. Vable’s options for Labels, Taxonomies and Custom Search Filters provide Administrators with control over how information is grouped so that subsequent searches can be as precise as possible. Although all three are information filters, they fulfill different roles and offer different advantages.

Custom Search Filters can include either sources or publishers across any subject. When this filter is applied on the Articles page, search results will be limited to articles from the defined group of publishers or sources. Custom Search Filters can also be shared to the MyVable self service platform for use by your End Users when searching for articles (license required). The main benefit of setting up Custom Search Filters is that changes can be made in one place and automatically applied across multiple searches utilizing that filter. The results will immediately reflect the new set of publishers or sources added.

  • Focus: Filters limit your searches to just the publishers or sources which are of interest to your organization.

  • Time Saving: Filters with publishers included will ensure that any new titles by them will be added automatically.

  • Convenience: Filters can be edited and managed in one place, and applied to multiple Vable searches.

  • Beneficial To All: Filters are shared across the organization, so only one needs to be created for all Administrators to benefit. End Users can also benefit from Custom Search Filters when searching for articles in MyVable.

  • Combinations: Filters can be combined when running a search. Whilst the filter can cut out the source/publisher white noise, the results can further be narrowed down using the other filters on the left-hand menu.

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