Depending on the subscription your organization has, you may have some additional settings available for managing your Newsletters.

These can be found by selecting View More Newsletter Details from within a specific Newsletter.


The creator of a Newsletter will automatically be assigned as the owner of it, however, other Administrators can be added as managers by clicking on +Add. By default all Newsletters can be collaborated on by all Administrators. By assigning more than one name to the Administrator’s list, you will lock the Newsletter down to only those named individuals, though Global Administrators have access to all Newsletters on the platform.

Restricted Access

By adding users within this pane, you will limit the visibility of the Newsletter on the MyVable self service platform to this specific list of users (if you have also selected to share it to MyVable). Note that this does not subscribe the users to be recipients - that must be done in the Subscribers pane.

Newsletter Sending Options

You can update the information recipients will see when receiving emails in the Newsletter Sending Options. These fields will inherit the account’s default newsletter settings, however, each Newsletter can have custom attributes applied in place of the defaults. You can replace the sender name, reply-to name and reply-to email address by typing over the text in the various fields (note that the sender name and reply-to name should not be an email address as this can cause the email to be rejected by your organization’s email security settings). You can also update the Sender email address using the available drop-down list.

System Information

This shows when the Newsletter was created or updated, and by whom. Any historic changes made to the Newsletter are recorded in the Audit Log.

For questions about these settings, or if you do not see all of the fields above but would like to utilize them, please contact support to learn about upgrading your organization’s access level.

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