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In some instances, you may find that your Newsletters would benefit from having articles hand-selected from various Sources rather than an automated search. Curated Feeds allow you to individually select articles for including in your Topics and Newsletters. We suggest using Curated Feeds when you want 100% control over the content feeding into your Topics and Newsletter or if you would like to supplement your Topics with articles not otherwise trackable via a Source or email.

Create a Curated Feed

New Curated Feeds can be created from the Sources page, using the Add an Article Source drop down menu.

You will name your feed and have the option to add a description. Once created, you will be taken to the details view of the new Curated Feed.

Connecting a Curated Feed to a Topic and Newsletter

On the Curated Feed's details page, you can opt to add it to a Topic or a new or existing Newsletter using the Source Actions drop down.

Note that when you add any Source to a Topic, you first create a Vable Search, as only Vable Searches can be added to Topics. This is a simple action and only requires you to enter a title for your Vable Search and activate it.

Add content to your Curated FeedsĀ 

Curated Feeds may be populated either with articles already in the platform's database or by uploading items located outside the platform.

Upload Items to the Platform

You can upload documents, such as PDFs and Word files, as well as URLS from external websites which may not already be tracked in Vable directly into your Curated Feed.

From the details view of a Curated Feed, select Upload Article. The dialog box will give you the option to upload a file or a URL. Include a title and, optionally, a summary, and finalize the Upload.

From Searches and Topics

To handpick articles from a search of the Articles page or while reviewing the results within a Topic, click on the three vertical dots icon to the right of an article title and select Add to curated feed.

You will then see a list of existing Curated Feeds from which you can select one or more before finalizing the step by clicking Add to Selected in the top right of the dialog box.

View and Edit Your Curated Feed

You can easily locate your existing Curated Feeds on the Sources page using the Types filter and selecting "Curated Feeds".

Click on the title of any Curated Feed to be taken to the details view.

Note: Curated Feeds are available on InfoPro Professional and InfoPro Enterprise subscriptions. For more information, please contact support.

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