Once added to the platform, Sources coming from public websites are included among those available to all clients. A Client Administrator can explore these Sources using the search bar at the top of the page or by utilizing the filters to the left. 

Sources of interest which are not already on the platform can easily be added by Client Administrators using the steps below. Virtually any RSS feed or web page which has updating, unique links can be set up in the platform. There is no prohibition on language, jurisdiction or publishers. Learn more about what defines a Source and tips on types of pages to add here.

Note: Third party email subscriptions can also be used within Topics and Newsletters. To learn more, please see our knowledge article on Vablemail.

Adding a URL to Vable 

Once you have found the best URL, navigate to the Vable Sources page. On the left hand side, select Add An Article Source and then select Add a URL as a source.

Paste the URL for the web page or RSS feed into the popup window's URL field and click Validate.

Review the auto-populated Source title and make changes as necessary; any changes to the title will only apply to your organization. You can also add a description for the Source which will be visible on the Sources page. 

Sources behind a login, such as subscription materials, can be set as private to your organization. Each new Source is reviewed by the Vable content team to ensure that it is given the proper privacy settings.

Once done, click Next.

If a custom taxonomy has been set up on the platform, you can assign your Source to the taxonomy by ticking the corresponding box(es).

Once finished, click on Add. If you want to add more than one Source click Add & Create New to submit your next URL.

Your Source will now appear on the Sources page and will usually begin populating with content within 24 hours for a web page or within a few minutes for a RSS feed.

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