You may find in some instances that you would like to include the same content item in multiple publications of your curated newsletter, but when you upload the URL into your newsletter - or add it from a topic or search - the item doesn’t appear.

Once a URL has been loaded into the newsletter as part of a previous publish, the system will not import the URL a second time, even if that content item was excluded from the final set of published items.

Because the platform uses the article URL as reference, you would need to find a different version of the item’s URL for re-inclusion in the newsletter. Alternately, you can add a custom text item into your Topic by clicking on the “Add new content item” icon, to the right of the Topic heading.

A box will appear where you have full editing and formatting flexibility to add a summary, full text, or links.

You can see what it will look like in the published newsletter by clicking on the preview tab.

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