Vable is excited to announce email and social sharing functionality on the MyVable platform. This means that End Users can instantly share articles of interest with colleagues or external contacts. With a single click, they have the choice of sending an email, or posting an article to LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. 

This new functionality has many possibilities, for example:

∙ Improved Client Communications: By sending relevant, timely, and quality information to clients, it provides a spontaneous topic of conversation. End Users can demonstrate they are constantly thinking about a client's needs, interests, and concerns.

∙ Increased Personal Visibility: Finding quality articles to share on social media can be time consuming, but MyVable social sharing offers End Users the perfect solution to help build an impressive following. 

Better Client Knowhow: End Users can seamlessly share information about clients with colleagues. Client moves, mergers, awards, developments etc., can be monitored resulting in improved care, and better anticipation of client needs.

∙ Intelligent Competitor Awareness: With the relevant Topic set up, End Users can monitor their competitors' reported activity at a glance and share valuable knowledge with colleagues - rapidly. 

∙ Efficient Knowledge Sharing: End Users could email article links to a central repository which would assist in directing weekly/monthly internal knowhow meetings. By monitoring trends and new industry developments, End Users and their teams can be prepared for anything.  

If you want to see a demonstration of MyVable, including the new social sharing enhancement, in action, please get in touch with the Vable team. 

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