Once you have set up your Vable Inbox rules to extract content, that content will become articles within the platform (private to your organization). Unless a license restriction has been applied to an Inbox rule, all content extracted from emails becomes searchable and you do not need to specifically select the email rule as a filter to include it in your searches and Topics. However, should you wish to narrow your results to content from specific email rules, you can do so by applying the rules as filters.

Filter Content by Individual Email Rules

In the instance that you wish to specify which extraction rules you want included in a Vable search, click on the teal Email Rules filter title while on the Articles page. Browse or search within the dialogue popup, selecting those from which you want to view results by ticking the box beside the rule name(s).

When the desired rules have been selected, click Apply in the bottom right corner of the dialogue window and you will revert to the list view where you will see the articles extracted from your selected rules.

Advanced Rule Selection 

By default, the popup dialogue will display only rules which have processed content in the last 7 days (unless your search period has been expanded prior to opening the Email Rules popup) so you may find that a rule you want to select is not available in this list. To find all rules, including restricted ones, click on Advanced in this dialogue to be taken through to the Rules page. 

Within the Advanced workflow, you will be taken to the Inbox Rules page where you will be able to select the rules by which you wish to filter. Check the appropriate box(es) and, when finished selecting the rule(s), click on Use Selected Matching Rules:

Add Content to a Topic

You can run a term search and/or apply filters against this list of articles or simply opt to include all content from selected rules without any additional filtering. To add the content to your Topic, click Save Vable Search. 

You will be taken into a workflow where you will land on the Topics page. You will see all Topics you manage but you can clear this filter to see all Topics in your organization’s platform. Tick the box to the left of the Topic in which the search should be included and click Add to Selected Topic or simply click Create a New Topic instead. 

Assign a name to your search (and also name your Topic if it is being created) then click on the green checkmark to save your changes and lastly select Yes to activate your search.

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