The MyVable self service platform combines the expertise of your organization’s information professionals with the self management desired by many End Users.

End Users can browse through various Administrator-created Topics to determine which they want to follow on their Personal Dashboard and/or which they would like to receive as part of their own Personal Alert. Administrator-created Newsletters and third party email subscriptions can be added to the self service platform as well, allowing End Users the ability to view and subscribe to these.

Here are just a few of the benefits of MyVable:

  • Self Sufficient End Users: With both a personal dashboard and alert available to End Users, they can decide what Administrator-created Topics are of interest and how they would like to consume those. By letting your End Users manage their subscriptions, they get what they want, and it saves your team time.

  • Content by Experts: End Users can see how your organization’s information professionals add value through the range of Topics and Newsletters offered. Administrators can quickly create new Topics and Newsletters to be shared to MyVable by request.

  • One location for all your End Users’ subscriptions. In addition to Administrator-created current awareness updates, e-journals and other third-party email subscriptions can be added to allow a single location for your End Users to view and manage their subscriptions.

  • Intuitive Design and Graphics: End Users want to see accurate results quickly and easily so this has been our primary concern. They can manipulate content at the click of a button: switch between list or graphic view; view articles as a list or expand to see summaries; and search within results for true focus.

  • Communications and Branding: MyVable allows you to see what your End Users are interested in so you can identify hot Topics, anticipate trends, and improve current awareness provision. For a more custom experience, white label your MyVable platform with a custom logo and link color. 

  • Sophisticated Search Functionality: In addition to viewing articles within the existing Topics, End Users can run searches across all of the content in the Vable database. Searches can be as simple as a single term or more advanced using Boolean search terms, combined with custom search filters created by your organization’s platform Administrators.

These - and the many other benefits - all combine to ensure that MyVable is an invaluable addition to the Vable family of products.

Note: Access to the MyVable self service platform and features therein is dependent on your subscription. For more information, please contact your account manager.

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