Your End Users can be subscribed to an unlimited number of Administrator-managed shared Newsletters. These Newsletters publish with the same content to all subscribers simultaneously.

End Users may also have a Personal Alert, unique to their profile. This can be composed of General Topics created by Administrators. In the case of Personal Alerts, the contents and publish schedule are specific to the individual, allowing for fewer and more targeted emails in their inbox.

Administrators have the ability to view, manage and amend both types of subscriptions for End Users, and, if your organization subscribes to the MyVable self service portal, End Users will also have the ability to manage these subscriptions for themselves.

Managing Subscriptions

To start, navigate to the Users page, search for the desired User profile, and then click on the name to see their details.

From within the User’s detail page, you will see two separate panes. On the left are the shared Newsletters the user is currently subscribed to; and on the right you have their Personal Alert details.

Newsletter Subscriptions

The left-hand pane shows you which shared Newsletters the user is receiving. When Newsletters are added, icons associated with that Newsletter will give you information about it. For example, how often it is published, how many issues they have received, and how many articles were in the most recent edition.

To add Newsletters, click on Subscribe to Newsletters at the bottom of the list. This will take you to a workflow where you can search available Newsletters, select and add as required. Click on Add Selected in the top right of the screen and it will go back to Users, where the list will be automatically updated.

You can unsubscribe the individual from any of these Newsletters by clicking on the X to the right of the title.

Personal Alert

The right-hand pane lists the individual General Topics which are included in their Personal Alert.

To begin, click on Add Topic from within that pane. This will open a workflow and take you into the Topics list view, where you can select from the available General Topics created by Administrators.

Search, filter or scroll, to find the desired Topics and click the checkbox next to each. Once finished, click Use Selected Topics in the upper right corner of your screen.

You can rearrange the order in which Topics will display in the Personal Alert by dragging and dropping the Topic up or down. To remove any Topics from the user’s list, click on the X on the right.

Finally, toggle the Personal Alert to active and set the desired publish schedule. If there is new content in any of the Topics at the scheduled time, an email will be sent to the End User.

You can opt to pause a Personal Newsletter at any time by clicking on the deactivation toggle. This is handy for those users going on extended leave or for whom you have not yet completed setup of their Personal Alert.

Access from MyVable

Users who have been granted access to the MyVable self service platform will be able to manage their own Topics, and subscribe to shared Newsletters. Users can also decide what they want to see on their personal Dashboard, however Administrators will always have visibility and control over End User subscriptions and Dashboards from the administrator portal.

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