Each user can be subscribed to any number administrator-managed shared Newsletters. These Newsletters publish with the same content to all subscribers at the same time.

Additionally, users have a single, custom Personal Newsletter assigned to their profile which can be comprised of General Topics and published at the user’s desired frequency. This allows individuals to receive just the news of interest, rolled up into a single email.

To manage both an individual’s subscriptions to shared Newsletters as well as determine the Topics in the user’s Personal Newsletter, start by navigating to the user’s details by clicking on their name from the Users tab.

Newsletter Subscription

Within the user details page, the left-hand pane shows you which shared Newsletters to which the user is subscribed. You can unsubscribe the individual from any of these Newsletters by clicking on the X to the right of the title or add more by clicking on Subscribe to Newsletter at the bottom of the list.

Subscriptions and Favorites 

The pane on the right, called “Subscriptions and Favorites”, lists the individual General Topics users are following and/or subscribed to.

Following vs. subscribing

If your end user has access to the My Vable self service platform, followed Topics will appear in the left-hand menu of the platform, allowing quick navigation to those Topics of interest. Content from these Topics will not publish to the user unless they are also included in a shared Newsletter or Personal Newsletter.

Subscribed Topics - those which have been included in a user’s Personal Newsletter, either via the administrator platform or via My Vable, will publish to the user in an email at the designated frequency.

Adding Topics

To begin, click on Add Topic from within the right-hand pane. This will take you into the Topics list view, where you can select from the available General Topics created by administrators. Search, filter or scroll, to find the desired Topics and click the checkbox next to each. Once finished, click Use Selected Topics in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Once added, these will be included in the user’s followed Topics list. If you want to include any of the favorite Topics to the user’s Personal Newsletter, click on the envelope icon next to it.

You can rearrange the order in which they display in the Personal Newsletter by dragging and dropping the Topic up or down.

To exclude the Topic from the Newsletter but keep following it, click on the open envelope icon.

To remove any Topics from the user’s list, click on the star on the right.

You can opt to deactivate a Personal Newsletter by clicking on the toggle on the top right of the panel.

Users who have been granted access to the My Vable self service platform will be able to manage their own followed and subscribed Topics, however, administrators will always have visibility and control over the subscriptions from the administrator portal.

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