As demand grows for instant access to information, knowledge and information professionals are pressed to meet this need while adhering to security protocols and licensing restrictions. At Vable, we want to lift as many barriers as possible for you to do just that. Our integration with the Onelog Mobile app means that you and your end users will no longer need to remember usernames and passwords to access your premium news content via mobile devices. Simply click on the link and allow Vable and Onelog Mobile to handle the rest. 

Benefits of using Onelog Mobile with Vable

  • End users can access premium content on their mobile devices without the need to remember login credentials 

  • Administrators can more efficiently provide access to research and information to end users regardless of location or access device  

  • Usage activity is recorded and available on Vable reports

  • Implementation is quick and simple

To get started, a user must have the Onelog Mobile app installed. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. The user will need to log into the app before it recognizes Vable links. 

For those users who already have Onelog Mobile installed on their devices and who have logged in, no further action is required.

Now, when opening any article link from Vable, the mobile device will automatically open the article in Onelog Mobile. Resources which have been profiled within the app by your organization will bypass the paywall, taking the reader to the article without further need for a username and password.

iOS users should note that if they long press on the article title and select to open the link in Safari, instead of Onelog Mobile, their device will select Safari as the default app to access the content going forward. To change the default back to Onelog Mobile, simply long press an article link and select “open in Onelog Mobile”.

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