Here at Vable, your user experience is important to us, so when you make suggestions, we listen. With speedier page loading, a more consistent layout, and an updated approach to taxonomies and filters, we think you’ll like the new look of the Articles page. Our goal is ultimately to save you time and make the platform more intuitive to use.

Updates to the articles search page

  • Previously, the most recent articles would auto-load when you landed on the articles search page. Now, no articles will appear until you have executed a search.

  • We have updated the functionality of filters with advanced search capabilities (Publishers, Sources, Companies, etc.). The Apply button allows you to add all your selected filters without automatically triggering a refresh of your results. Change your mind? Simply X out of the dialog to go back to your search without changes applied.

  • When you click on an advanced filter, the top results in the dialog are based on your current search results, rather than all articles in the platform. A search can be run through the top results and additional results can be loaded by scrolling down the list.

  • We have added the advanced filtering dialog to the Languages filter to allow for easier selection of multiple languages.

  • Where a filter or taxonomy has multiple levels and you select a top term, it will just add that 'parent' term, not everything underneath. For example, if you select United Kingdom from the Publisher Location filter, it will not include Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. 

We hope that you like this new Vable functionality. Let us know what you think!

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