MLex subscribers can access, browse, and search against the full text of MLex premium content directly from within the Vable InfoPro platform. With this integration turned on for your account, it is easier than ever to combine your trusted free and premium sources into Topics and Newsletters to ensure your End Users stay on top of the information they need.

Benefits of integration

This integration works to seamlessly bring all of the MLex content within your license directly into the Vable InfoPro platform via a single feed. This benefits both client administrators and End Users in a number of ways:

  • Search against the full text of all articles available as part of your MLex subscription directly within Vable InfoPro. 

  • MLex article categorizations, such as industry and sector, sync with Vable’s taxonomy, ensuring your searches are focused and relevant.

  • Content from other sources can be combined with MLex material, allowing robust but targeted Topics and Newsletters.

  • When accessing articles, from within the platform or via links in emails, no further login is required by administrators or End Users to read the full text.

  • The layout of the full text articles is designed to be distraction-free and easy to read. Given that many End Users are now reading their newsletters on mobile devices, articles are optimized for this view. 

Working with your MLex content in Vable

You will be able to run searches across all content as normal, or limit your search to MLex content alone by adding a publisher filter to your search. From the filters on the left hand side, click on Select Publishers and search for MLex in the dialog. Once you have selected the applicable tickbox, close the dialog and your results will be filtered by the available MLex content. 

If you are carrying out searches narrowed to MLex-only content on a regular basis, global administrators should consider creating a custom search filter for your organization.

To get your Vable InfoPro platform set up to route MLex content into it, contact your Vable Account Manager.

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