Google Alerts can be useful for supplementing the content you are already tracking on your Vable InfoPro platform from known sources. Google Alerts can be brought into Vable InfoPro via RSS feed or email*. Once added to your Vable InfoPro account, content from these alerts can be searched right alongside your other free and premium content or added in their entirety to a topic.

*Routing Google Alerts into Vable via email requires a subscription to the Vable Inbox.

Set up a Google Account

An account is required in order to set up new Google Alerts. It’s recommended that your organization set up a general account, likely based off a shared email address, which can then be logged into and shared by all administrators of your Vable account. If you intend to send the alerts into Vable Inbox, we recommend creating an account using your assigned Vablemail address.

If you do not already have a shared Google account set up, do so at You can use a non Gmail address by choosing the option for using your current email address. 

If your organization has already set up a shared Google account, log in and either navigate to the Google Alerts page or simply run a search in Google.

Run a search in Google

Run a search in Google and select the News tab to filter the content down. 

Create a Google Alert from the results

Scroll to the bottom of the search results, and click on the Create alert button.

Set options and assign delivery method

Once on the Google Alerts page, select "Show options" to see the available options.

Set the frequency, dataset, language, region and types of results and from the delivery drop down menu, select RSS feed. If routing into your Vable Inbox, select the Vable Inbox address from the delivery dropdown.

Add the RSS feed to Vable

Click Create Alert and you will see your new alert listed under the My alert(s) section of the page. Copy the URL for the RSS feed and add it to your Vable InfoPro platform as you would any other RSS feed.  

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Routing Google Alerts to the Vable Inbox

If you have instead opted to route the alert into the Vable Inbox, you will need to confirm the subscription via an email sent to your Vable Inbox and then set up a rule for your new subscription.

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Once the rule has been created, you can set the rule to extract the content from the emails and either run searches against the articles and/or add it directly to topics.

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