Whether you have a few users to add or a long list of them to edit, Vable allows you to take control of your users in three different ways:

Manual Creation and Updates

Ad Hoc File Uploads

Active Directory Integration

1. Manual Creation and Updates

You can find the full list of users added to your platform on the Users page. This view allows you to add*, manage or delete users on an individual basis. This option is ideal for when you need to add or update a small number of users. 

You can find more details about the Users page in this article: Managing Individual Users in Vable.

If you need to add or edit users in bulk, we recommend making the changes via one of the options below.

2. Ad Hoc File Uploads

This option allows you to add*, delete and also amend existing users at the same time.

You will need to provide Vable with a CSV file that includes the following details in separate columns: 

  • First name

  • Surname 

  • Email address

Additional optional fields include:

  • Custom User ID (helpful for updating users when there is a change to the email address)

  • Office

  • Job Title

  • Department

  • Practice Area

Upon initial file upload, Vable will create a new account for users not previously added to the system based on unique email addresses in the file.

For subsequent uploads, the platform will perform the following actions:

  • Add new users who have never been uploaded to the platform;

  • Delete users who previously were included on a file import which are not included in the CSV file;

  • Update users who have a user profile but who have a change to the first or last name (note: the email address must be the same);

  • If a custom user ID has been provided, update users who have a change to the email address;

  • Reactivate previously deleted users who are included in the CSV file.

If your file import does not include a custom user ID and you need to update the email address of a particular user, please contact us.

Note that users created via file imports are centrally managed and not editable directly from the Users page. Please contact support to request assistance or changes.

3. Active Directory Integration

Recommended for accounts with a large number of users, Vable offers integration options for accounts to sync active directory lists to the platform via Microsoft Azure and Okta. For more information, please contact us.

*A note on formatting of Users’ names: to ensure emails are processed without error, the following characters cannot be included in a User's first or last name.

  • Comma ,

  • Colon :

  • Semicolon ;

  • Open bracket [

The following characters are not permissible if included alone, but as a pair are permitted:

  • Greater than > or less than < - these can however be used around a name, ie <Smith>

  • Open parenthesis ( or closed parenthesis ) - these can however be used around a name, ie (Smith)

  • Single quotation mark "

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