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To add a user as a subscriber of your Newsletters, a profile first needs to be set up for the user on your organization’s account. If your organization has not opted for one of the automated approaches to creating users, you can manually manage profiles directly within the Administrator platform.

Adding and deleting users is a very simple job on Vable. First, navigate to the Users page.

Here you will see a list of your current users, including an overview of their key details. You can use the search bar, or the filters on the left hand side, to narrow the list to a particular user, or set of users.

If your organization has access to MyVable as part of its subscription, you will want to ensure your preferred user settings have been set before adding new users to the platform.

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Creating a new user

To manually add a new user to the platform, just click on the New User button. You will be taken to a new screen where you’ll only need to enter the email address, first and last name. Please note that the following characters cannot be included in a User's first or last name:

, : ; [

The following characters are not permissible if included individually, but as a pair are permitted:

> < ( ) "

Examples where these are permissible: <Smith> (Smith) "Smith"

You will then need to select the user type: End User, Newsletter Curator or Administrator (either Standard or Global).

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Once you have entered all the details, click the Create User button on the top right. The page will refresh and you will now see the option to manage the user’s subscriptions.

Managing a User

You can update the name of a particular user if they have been manually added to the platform*. To do so, find the individual user on the users list view and click on the name. You will be taken to the user’s details page.

*Changes to a user’s email address as well as all changes to users created via file imports will need to be handled by Vable - contact support to request assistance or changes. 

From this view, click on Show More User Details on the top left, then update the details needed and finally click on Update User on the top right. 

Deleting a User

If you would like to delete a user, search, scroll or filter to locate them on the users list view and click on the bin icon on the right-hand side next to the user to be deleted.

Users who have previously been deleted can be viewed by clicking on the designated Quick Action filter on the left.

To learn about the options available for managing your users en masse, see this knowledge article: Discover the Different Ways to Manage Users in Vable.

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