Your newsletters are delivered to your users’ inbox, but as a Global Administrator, you can also allow them access to the Vable platform. Additionally, you can determine whether an automatic welcome email is sent out to them upon account creation.

To access, click on the gear on the top right of your browser and then on User Settings from the drop down menu.

To enable End User access, just click on the activation slider, turning it from grey to turquoise. 

When access has been granted, you will have the option to send a welcome email to new users which includes a link to set a password. This can be defined based on how your users are added to the platform:

  • If they are manually created via the Users tab.
  • When you provide our Customer Support team with a list of users for us to upload to the platform. This is useful when handling large number of End Users to be added or deleted from the platform.
  • Or if your organisation has an active directory integration set up. 

Note: Integration options are available on the InfoPro Enterprise tier. For more information, please contact your account manager.

Global Administrators and Standard Administrators will always receive a welcome email when added as these users need access to the platform to work on the content.

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