This guide assumes you have populated the MyVable platform with Topics and Newsletters, as outlined in the Setting up MyVable for Self Service article, and are now ready to grant End User access to the platform.

The User Settings page can be accessed via the gear icon in the top right corner (accessible by Global Administrators). Note, if this setting is not visible, please contact to manage these settings.

To allow End User access to the MyVable platform, click on the activation slider to turn it from grey to turquoise.

When access has been granted, you will have the option to determine if a welcome email will be sent to newly created End Users (based on how they are created in the platform) and will include a link for them to create a password.

  • When created through Vable platform - this refers to users who are manually created via the Users page

  • When created through file upload - this refers to users who are managed via a CSV file sent to

  • When created using integration - this refers to users managed via active directory integration

For organizations not using Single Sign On, we recommend enabling welcome emails before adding any new users to the platform so they will receive details on how to access MyVable.

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Once you have made your selection, select Save in the top right corner.

Global Administrators and Standard Administrators will always receive a welcome email when they are added to the platform. This setting is on by default and cannot be changed.

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Enabling End User Access for Existing Users

If you are setting up MyVable access for existing users, you will need to trigger a notice to them via email (click “Reset Password” within the user’s detail view).

Alternatively, your users can use the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page - Once they have received the email and set their password, they will be able to log into the MyVable platform.

Note: MyVable is an optional product. Please contact for more details.

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