Global Administrators have the option to easily organize the default newsletter settings for their organization. You can choose the email address used to send your newsletters, the default frequency, the initial content period or the default template amongst others options.

Note: With the exception of the initial content period, the defaults selected for Newsletters can be overridden on an individual Newsletter upon setup.

To access, click on the gear on the top right of your browser and then on Newsletter Settings from the drop down menu.

You will find three panes grouping the different options available: Default Address, Default Schedule and Default Newsletter Template.

Default Address

The first pane on the left allows you to pick the email addresses used to send your newsletters and also which one you want to use to receive replies from your users.

We recommend customizing your sender name on the first line - this will help you gain visibility for your service in a busy inbox. We recommend using a department name, eg “Library and Information Services”. It is not advised to use an email address in this field as some servers might filter or delay emails as this is a common practice in spam emails. 

You can pick one of three sender address options from the drop down menu on the top right.

You can use the second line to specify the reply to email address and its label. This will help you redirect and centralise any interactions with your recipients through your preferred account.

Default Schedule

In the middle pane you will find the default scheduling options and the time zone for your organization’s account.

Note: Changing your default frequency options will not affect any existing newsletters.

To help minimize the amount of articles included upon first publish of a newsletter, Vable includes only those created in the database in the previous 7 days. However, this setting can be changed to a period that suits your organization best.

Default Newsletter Template

In some cases, your account may have more than one available newsletter template. This field will allow you to select the default for your organization.

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