Vable allows organizations to have up to four levels of permissions on Vable; users can be Global Administrators, Standard Administrators, Newsletter Curators or End Users. These different levels of access will help teams or individuals manage the Vable platform and ensure that everyone has appropriate permissions.

End Users

End Users are the most important users on the Vable platform. As the recipients of newsletters, everything is centered around their experience. If your organization has a subscription to the MyVable self service platform and End User access has been authorized on the platform, they are able to do the following:

  • Log in to the MyVable platform and select General Topics to follow on their Personal Dashboard

  • Subscribe to Newsletters (created and managed by Administrators)

  • Create and manage their own Personal Alert, populating it from a list of General Topics

  • View and search through articles

Newsletter Curators

The Newsletter Curator type allows Administrators to grant restricted access to the Administrator platform to curate assigned Newsletters. This user type will have access to:

  • View the Dashboard and Newsletter page

  • See only those manual Newsletters to which they have been granted access by a Standard or Global Administrator

  • Upload articles, load new content and work with existing articles in those Newsletters 

  • Preview and test publish the Newsletter

Standard Administrators

In addition to the above functionality, Standard Administrators will be able to:

  • Run searches and make use of the available search filters and taxonomies (both those custom to their organization’s platform and those managed by Vable)

  • Create and amend Newsletters and Topics - unless they are locked down to other users

  • Add new sources to the platform and apply relevant labels and taxonomy created by Global Administrators

  • Set up and manage Vable Inbox rules (where available)

  • Run statistical analysis reports

  • Manage users - create/amend/delete End Users and other Standard Administrators, as required, and subscribe users to Topics and Newsletters

  • Access the Vable Help Portal and the Vable Support Team

Global Administrators

The Global Administrator has full management rights over all aspects of the Vable platform. It is possible to have more than one person with full access, though it is recommended to consider who should have access to organization-wide settings and limit this to a small group to ensure best-practices are followed. In addition to having all the rights of End Users and Standard Administrators, certain functionality will only be available to Global Administrators. This includes:

  • Creating other Global Administrators - when adding a new user or updating an existing user, there will be the additional option in the User Type drop down menu

  • Making ‘global’ changes to platform-wide settings. Account Settings include Newsletter defaults, Label Manager, Taxonomy Manager, Search Filters and User Settings and any changes to these can affect other areas of the platform

  • Managing all Topics and Newsletters, regardless of applied permissions. In certain cases an organization will have the ability to lock down access to Topics and Newsletters to a particular set of individuals. If they need to be amended for any reason, Global Administrators will have access without assistance from the relevant Administrators

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