With a collapsible display, new infotips and the ability to modify both styles of Topics (General and Alert) from either the Newsletter or the Topic details page, we think you’ll like the new look of the configuration dialogs. Our goal is ultimately to save you time and make the platform more intuitive to use.

Updates to the Newsletter configuration dialog include:

  • A collapsed list of all Topics in the Newsletter, and how many searches are associated with each Topic allowing easier rearranging of your Topics;

  • Each icon now includes an infotip for more information on what the item being hovered over does;

  • To view or modify the searches feeding into a Topic, simply click on the carat to expand the Topic details view; Topics which have no Vable searches within them (and therefore no content) will now display a notification of this;

  • To preview the query for a search, hover over the funnel icon to the left of the search name;

  • If you want to add a search to a Topic, expand it and click Add New Vable Search. It will seamlessly take you to the Article search page where you can search and save it in the usual way;

  • General Topics will be marked with the people icon and a Newsletter’s Uploads Topic will be marked with the upload icon. 

  • Now you can edit General Topics directly within the Newsletter view, and a warning will remind you of this as you work. Remember that when you make a change to a General Topic it will apply across any other Newsletters  in which that Topic is found. 

  • The buttons for adding a New Topic or an Existing Topic are more prominent, as well as being more consistent with other pages on the platform.

Changes to the Topic configuration dialog also include:

  • The ability to create, modify, and delete searches for Alert Topics from within the Topic details page, rather than solely from the Newsletter details configuration dialog.

  • An updated Actions menu

We hope that you like this new and improved Vable functionality. 

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