Perhaps you’re only interested in a precise set of publishers or a single company. You might also want to exclude a certain industry, publisher location, or foreign language. They can also save you time as material can be added, edited or deleted across searches where filters have been applied.

Searching with Standard Vable Filters

Click into the Articles search. The filters on the left hand side will help you create a concise search by including or excluding specific publishers, sources, languages and more using the + and - options. You can use as many filters at one time as you like but be aware that in certain cases it will assume the boolean operator AND.  

Advanced Filters

Although you can click on the expand arrow to instantly see filter options, filters in teal are slightly different. If you click on Publishers, Sources, Email Rules, or Companies, a dialog window will open. You can scroll through them, or you can run a search for a publisher, source, company etc.

Ticking the box beside a publisher once will include results from that publisher. Ticking the box a second time will exclude results from that publisher, and ticking it a third time will clear your selection. You can select as many as you wish. Once finished, click Apply at the bottom of the pop-up to close the dialog and view your results in the Articles search.

The ability to search for companies makes full use of Vable’s keyword capabilities. Click into the Companies and run a search. This will include - or exclude should you wish - companies in your search. Often there will be more than one option for a single company so select the ones with the most articles mentioned.

Note: Multiple results are due to the API (application programming interface) we use to extract the keywords. We only include those keywords of 70+% accuracy.  

Add the rest of the search, and save as required.

Other Filters

Under the teal filters you have options for Industries, Taxonomies, Language, etc. Click on the dropdown to expand, and add/exclude the filter(s) with the + or - as required. The white number in teal will tell you how many items are attached to the filter.  

Add to the search and save as required.

Searching with Custom Filters

Vable has many filters at your disposal to enhance your searching. However if you subscribe to the relevant Vable package, you may have further custom filters available. 

Custom Search Filters

This is the first option, at the top. It defaults to 'no filters selected' so you can search all content. If you click on the drop down arrow to the right you have access to your own pre-selected source filters, or your organization’s Account Library. Scroll down to select the one you want.

VableMail Extracted Content

VableMail enables you to extract information from subscription and industry news emails. When the rules are set up you can apply the Email Rules and add one or more of them to your search. 

Custom Taxonomy

With an enterprise-level subscription, your organization can create a taxonomy so you can filter your sources in the most efficient way. Classification systems are the best way to keep similar themed information together so we recommend this functionality. 

To create or edit the custom source taxonomy tree for your organization, click on the cog icon in the top right of the page navigation and select Source Settings from the drop down menu. When you create it, the taxonomy will be visible and available to your entire organization. Click the arrow to expand the taxonomy, or do a search for a taxonomy term and add - or exclude - to your search as you wish.

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