An Alert Topic is created from within a Newsletter’s configuration dialog and is tied directly to that single Newsletter, preventing it from being used in other Newsletters or followed by end-users. This can be useful when you are including sensitive information on clients, competitors or industries, or it may be that the content is bespoke to a single Newsletter.

In some instances, however, it may become necessary to broaden the usability of an Alert Topic, meaning it should be converted into a General Topic.

Note: You cannot convert a General Topic into an Alert Topic as they must be connected to a single Newsletter.

From the Topics page, search, filter and/or scroll to find the Topic you want to convert. (Tip: use the Types filter to quickly narrow your results to only the Alert Topics.)

Click on the 3 dots icon on the right-hand side of the Topic you want to convert, where you will be given a drop down menu with the option to Convert this topic to type General. 

Upon prompting, click yes to confirm and the Alert Topic will be converted into a General Topic, making it available for use across other Newsletters.

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