Topics are a central feature on the Vable platform which enable you to organize your content for Newsletters. Think of them as a way of grouping searches under one simple heading. Searches within Topics can range in complexity from the simple single search to elaborate combinations of terms and filters.

A General Topic is available to other administrators so they can save time. Not only can they be added to multiple Newsletters, they can be cloned. This allows administrators to duplicate a General Topic and customize and repurpose it without affecting the existing Topic. Often it is not the Topic that you want to clone but the search(es) that it contains. 

Why you might clone a Topic

For instance you may have a General Topic which contains a complicated search string across a set of filters. It has been tested and is returning relevant results. You may then wish to set up a related search across the same filters, so it is quicker to clone and amend the existing search parameters than to start from scratch.

Ways of cloning a Topic

There are two ways of cloning your topic.

From the Topics list view

On the Topics page, search for the Topic that you want to clone. Once you have identified it from the list, click on the three dot icon on the far right side. Click on Clone this Topic. If it is an Alert Topic, it will not allow you to clone and the option will be greyed out. If you wish to clone it, convert it into a General Topic first.

From the Topic detail view

If you are already in the detail view of the Topic you want to clone, you can select the option to clone it from the drop down Actions menu on the upper right hand side of the page.

The new Topic will exactly replicate the selected Topic, though it will include ‘Clone - ‘ in the title, and the cursor will be in the title box suggesting that you edit it. Change it as you wish, and then click on the teal Clone Topic button in the far right to confirm. 

The pop up message will tell you that it is successfully saved, and you can then click Configure Topic to edit the search(es) as you wish. 

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