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Newsletters serve as a tool to send current awareness updates or need-to-know information out to your subscribers via an email or - depending on your license - RSS feed. However there are many reasons why it can be helpful for information staff to see who is opening which articles. Vable offers you a number of ways to access analytics specific to newsletters. 

Within an individual newsletter, under the Archive tab, is the ability to look at the Newsletter archive. It allows you to view published editions of a Newsletter and re-send newsletter editions to individual subscribers if necessary.

Accessing the Archive and Analytics

From the Newsletter page, find the one you want to look at, and click to view it. Underneath the link for View More Newsletter Details, there are options for Content, Preview and Archive. You will be familiar with the Content tab as that is where you would configure your newsletter. However if you click on Archive, you will see this view:

Resending Newsletters from the Archive

The default view selected is the most recent edition of your Newsletter. Previous publishes can be viewed by selecting the radio button next to the desired Newsletter edition. You can resend a Newsletter to your subscribers by clicking on the envelope icon next to the archived copy. If you hover over the envelope it will say Resend Archive.

A dialog box will allow you to select which individuals should receive the Newsletter. Once selected, click Resend Archive to Selected Users

Note: Because each email sent from Vable includes links specifically created for each recipient, it is not possible to add individuals to this resend list who were not among those originally sent the email.

Viewing Newsletter Analytics

While an archived edition of the Newsletter is selected, click View Analytics to see statistics for that publish. You can change the view of the statistics using the drop down arrow to the right, so you can see results ordered by Topic, Vable Search, Source, Publisher, User or Article

The dialog box will provide information on:

  • The number of email recipients

  • The number and percentage of email opens

  • The number and percentage of any delivery errors

  • The number and percentage of any unsubscribes from the Newsletter

  • The Content Specific Stats will also display how many times a specific article has been clicked

  • As you change the view of the stats you can see the source of the clicked article, which topic or search it is in, or the user that has clicked on it. 

You can view statistics for the Newsletter across multiple publishes from the Reports page.

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