Once you have created an Inbox Rule for an email subscription, you will see the option for Extraction, Forwarding or both, depending on your licence. Here we will explore how to use Inbox Forwarding to send emails in their original format to your end users.

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Activate forwarding

To start, you will need to activate the forwarding process. This is done by clicking the Activation slider, turning it from grey to turquoise.

Select additional forwarding properties

Depending on your subscription, you will now see two additional options: Cleaning and Rewrite Subject. 

Cleaning - this is an optional selection which allows you to request that Vable removes portions of the original email, such as unsubscribe links, which would otherwise leave the subscription subject to modification by a recipient.

Rewrite Subject - this option allows you to overwrite or amend the original email’s subject. This is helpful if you want to give your recipients more consistency or greater visibility on what subscription they are receiving.  

  • To fully overwrite the original subject, type in the new text in the field provided. This text will become the subject line for each publish of the email forwarder.
  • To amend the original subject, type in the new text in the field provided and add curly brackets {} to include the original subject in addition to the new text.
  • Example: PinHawk Law Tech Daily Digest - {}  would send out emails with the subject PinHawk Law Tech Daily Digest - Original Email Subject Here

Once you have activated forwarding and applied any additional settings, click Save Changes.

Edit forwarding newsletter properties

Once saved, the page will refresh and you will now see two additional tabs: Forwarding and Archive. 

Click on the Forwarding tab to set your subscribers and (optionally) add header and/or footer text to the emails. 

Note: This header/footer text functionality is dependent on your organization's Vable Inbox subscription type but please contact us for more information. 

To get started, click Edit Forwarding Newsletter to allow edits to the newsletter. 


Click on Add Users to add subscribers to the newsletter. If your organization has Units, these can be added via the Add Units option. 

This will launch a dialog window where you will be able to search for and add users. Click Update Users when done.

Template Settings

You can add header and/or footer text to your forwarders in this field. Click on the pencil icon to set the text and then click the activation slider to activate it. Note that text for either field will not apply without activation.

Newsletter Title and Sending Options

You can choose to update the title of your newsletter (which will be visible in Reports and on the My Subscriptions page) in the designated field. Simply select the existing text and type your new text over it.

Additionally, you can set the Sender name, Reply-to name and Reply-to address for your forwarding newsletter. You can also select the sender email address from the provided options in the drop-down.

When all settings have been applied, click on Save Forwarding Newsletter to save your changes.

View the archive

The Archive tab will show you the emails as distributed to subscribers including any header and footer text added and with cleaning applied. 

Note: the Matched Emails tab will show you the emails as received into the platform.

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