Topics are a central feature on the Vable platform which enable you to organize your content for Newsletters and allow End Users to follow the subjects that interest them most. Think of them as a way of grouping searches under one simple heading. Searches can range in complexity from simple - such as all articles from one or more sources - to elaborate combinations of terms and filters. If you want a Topic to contain just one search, that is also possible.

Different types of Topics

There are three different types of Topics on Vable, each with its own purposes and advantages:

  • A General Topic is one which can be used in multiple Newsletters and on MyVable Dashboards. This type can be made available to other administrators within your organization, and can be cloned to allow similar topics to be created while not impacting the original. General Topics can be shared to the MyVable self service platform for your End Users to add to their Personal Alert or Dashboard (license required).

  • An Alert Topic is one which has been created for a single Newsletter and cannot be added to any other Newsletter, Alert or Dashboard. Alert Topics cannot be cloned, but they can be converted into General Topics, should the need arise.

  • A Manually Curated Topic is one which contains all articles published in a Curated Newsletter. This Topic type, as with a General Topic, can be used in other Newsletters or be shared to MyVable. Curated Topics cannot be configured to include any additional searches. Manually Curated Topics are only available as part of certain licenses. For more information, please contact us.

  • A Temporary Topic is one available for Curated Newsletters which can be created for a single publish of a single Newsletter and will not appear in your Newsletter structure once the Newsletter has been published. This is helpful for when you need a new section added to a Newsletter which will not be a recurring one and therefore you do not need to create a real Topic for the single instance of need.

The Advantages of Vable Topics

Topics serve various functions and have a number of advantages.

  • They ensure your searches are organized and logically presented. For instance, you may be running related searches against different keywords, sources, filters etc. 

  • They ensure that Newsletters only contain content matching your search criteria

  • Should the focus of a Newsletter change, a single search in the relevant Topic can be amended

  • General Topics save administrators time because they can be used across other Newsletters

  • General Topics are excellent for information dissemination because they can be made available to End Users on MyVable

  • General Topics can be cloned, which allows administrators to customize a well-crafted Topic to their own needs

  • Alert Topics mean that sensitive topics can be restricted to a single Newsletter, although they are available to administrators if they need to be amended

  • Alert Topics can be converted into General Topics should the need arise

  • Manually Curated Topics allow administrators to repurpose the handpicked content from a Curated Newsletter within other Newsletters and on Dashboards

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