There are two different types of Topics on Vable. It depends on whether you want the Topic to be available to others in your organisation, or specific to a single Newsletter. A General Topic is created from either the Topics or the Articles pages, and can consist of more than one search. It is available to other administrators so they can save time and add them across multiple Newsletters

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Creating a General Topic from the Articles Page

Craft your search on the Articles page and click Save Vable Search. You will be taken to the Topics page where a teal stripe indicates that you have been brought to a new page in a workflow which is part of your current process. You also have the option to go back to the Articles page. 

Select Create New Topic.

Note: You are also given the option to add your search to an existing Topic. If you have already created Topics, the default view displays those for which you are the Manager.

In the dialogue box, type over the existing text to create a name for both the Topic and Vable search. Add descriptions if you wish and click on the checkmark to save. It will warn you that this is a General Topic and that changes will affect all other newsletter where it is used. 

You will then be asked to activate the search. Select Yes to immediately include results in your Topic or skip the activation if you plan to continue editing the search prior to including results in your Newsletter. Articles will not populate a Newsletter unless they have been activated here. 

You now have the option to add an additional search to the Topic. Repeat the process until you have completed building your Topic.

There are a number of icons associated with each search. If you hover over the blue filter icon you can see what the search string is. Click on the toggle to activate / deactivate the search, or click on the cogwheel to edit the search, or if you click on the red trash icon, it will delete it. 

When you have finished creating and managing the Topic, close the dialogue box. It will appear as General in the list view of the Topics page.

Creating a General Topic from the Topics Page

You can also create General Topics from the Topics page. 

Click on the teal button New Topic and give the Topic a title, add an optional description if desired. Click Create Topic and when the page refreshes the shell of your Topic will be created and ready for you to add searches to it. 

You can then add Vable searches to populate your Topic by clicking on the teal Configure Topic button and following the prompt to add a new Vable search. Once you have crafted your search, click Save in the top right corner of the page and you will be brought back to the Topic configuration dialogue box to name and activate your search.

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