Once you have created a Rule for an email subscription, you will see the option for Extraction, Forwarding or both, depending on your license. Here we will explore how to use Vable Inbox Extraction to include content received via email in Topics and Newsletters.

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Activate extraction 

To start, you will need to activate the extraction process. This is done by clicking the Activation slider, turning it from grey to turquoise.



Select extraction properties

You will now see two additional options: Extract Articles and Extract Attachments.

Extract Articles - this option should be selected when the email will have the desired content included in the body of the email. This is the most common scenario. When selected, you will be prompted to choose, from a drop down menu, how the content will be extracted from the email: 

a. Single Item: Used when there is an individual link within each email that you want to extract. (Uncommon)

b. Multiple Items: Used when there are one or more links within each email to individual articles. This option tells the system to pick out these individual articles and link to them directly. (Common)

c. Full Email: Used when the email doesn’t include links for each article but only text and/or when the subscription will have varying formats. (Common)


Extract Attachments - this option should be selected when the email will have the desired content included as an attachment, rather than in the body of the email. When selected, you will be prompted to specify what attachment(s) should be uploaded, such as the file type, in the available text box.  

Once finished, be sure to save your changes. Your rule will be queued up to be reviewed and finalized by our team. Note: Our team will manually process emails received in the 2 days prior to a rule being created, and delete all older emails in order to prevent old content from being surfaced in your Topics.

Once a rule has been approved, you will be able to view the processed articles under the Extracted Content tab within your rule to confirm the emails are being handled as expected. 

To add the content extracted from the emails into your Topics, you will need to navigate to the Articles page and add the content via a search.


Handling License Restricted Content

Content from emails which are under license restrictions can also be extracted and marked accordingly to prevent accidental inclusion in your Topics and Newsletters. Administrators can mark an extraction rule as restricted by ticking the option under License Restrictions and entering a short explanation of the restrictions.

Content extracted by this rule will not become automatically included in search results within the Articles tab. Administrators will need to pick the specific extraction rule under the Email Rule filter to find the processed articles and include them in a Vable search.

Searches which include restricted content will be marked with a red triange icon within the administrator portal to provide visibility within Topics and Newsletters when restricted content is included. 

Note: Content Extraction on Vable Inbox is dependent on your subscription. For more information, please contact your account manager.

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