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Searching across predefined and preselected groups of information can ensure extremely accurate results. Custom Search Filters can include either sources or publishers across any subject, and when the filter is applied on the Articles page, search results will be limited to articles from the defined group of publishers or sources.

Any changes made to the Custom Search Filters will be automatically applied across the searches utilizing that filter, and the results will immediately reflect the new set of publishers or sources added or removed without having to update each search individually.

Custom Search Filters should not contain a combination of publishers and sources as this can create conflict within the data. In some specific instances, it may be beneficial to mark specific sources as excluded from a Publishers filter, but we recommend that you contact support if you have any questions about this.

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Creating and Managing Custom Search Filters

Global Administrators have the right to create new filters and edit existing ones for use by all Administrators as well as select which Custom Search Filters will be visible on MyVable. To get started, click on the cog icon in the top far right of your browser and select Search Filters.

This will open the Search Filters tab where you can create, view, edit and delete Custom Search Filters.

Create a new Search FilterĀ 

Click New Search Filter and give your filter a title (required) and description (optional). If you wish to share this filter to the MyVable platform, check the option to Publish to Self Service. Note that both the title and description (if entered) will display in MyVable.

Click Save Changes and, after the view refreshes, click Hide Filter Details.

Depending on whether you want your filter to be a set of publishers or sources, select the appropriate tab and click Configure Publishers (or Configure Sources).

Within the dialog, search against publishers - or sources - in the database to include in your filter. Make your choices by ticking the appropriate boxes.

  • If the box is clicked once, it will include that publisher/source in your filter (green +)

  • If the box is clicked a second time, it will exclude that publisher/source (red -)

  • If clicked a third time, it will remove the selection altogether

Tip: Exclusion filters can be useful when select publishers or sources are regularly to be excluded from search results. Simply build a filter which marks the list of publishers/sources as excluded and save it to quickly apply exclusions on your searches.

Once finished, close the dialog box.

You will now see your selections, and your filter will now be available for use when running article searches.

Edit a Search Filter

Click the radio button next to the Search Filter you want to edit. If your filter is comprised of sources, you will need to select that tab to display the existing selections. To remove existing selections, click on the x to the right of the publisher/source selection. To add to the list, click Configure Publishers (or Configure Sources).

Note: Custom Search Filters are available to all administrators on your platform and any changes to them will be applied to any search utilizing the filter. If the Custom Search Filter has been shared to MyVable, any changes applied will also be reflected there. Be cautious when making changes.

Delete a Search Filter

Click on the trash bin icon to the right of a Search Filter title in the left-hand menu to delete it from the platform.

Using a Custom Search Filter

Once created, the filter will automatically be available when searching on the Articles page. To apply a Search Filter, select the drop down for "Custom Search Filters", scroll down and click on the one you would like to use and your search will update to reflect this selection.

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