Searching across predefined and preselected groups of information can ensure extremely accurate results. Vable’s options for Labels, Taxonomies and Custom Search Filters provide Administrators with control over how information is grouped so that subsequent searches can be as precise as possible. Although all three are information filters, they fulfill different roles and offer different advantages.

A good taxonomy can help administrators organize and manage information effectively. Vable knows your organization relies on information, and the accurate classification, storage and retrieval of documents is essential. You can group your sources under taxonomy terms, such as industry groups, practice areas and any other bespoke designations. This becomes a filter by which you can narrow your results when searching for articles. 

Locating your Taxonomy

Before creating your Taxonomy, it is worth spending time thinking about how you want to use it. Once you are prepared, click on the cogwheel and Source Settings. In Account Settings it will default to the Source Settings tab where you can create, view, edit and delete your Taxonomy and its hierarchy of terms and sub-terms.

Creating a New Taxonomy

Global Administrators have the right to create new taxonomies and edit existing ones for use by all Administrators. If you haven’t created a Taxonomy already, click on Add New Taxonomy.

Add a term - this will be a top level term of your Taxonomy - and click + to save it.

You can add new sub-terms under each level, and further sub-terms under those, so that you can build up the hierarchy. Vable allows you an unlimited number of sub-terms, so your private Taxonomy is as flexible as you need it to be. 

Once created, your taxonomy will appear on the Articles and Sources pages within the left-hand menu under Taxonomies.

Managing the Taxonomy

The icons on the far right allow you to edit, delete, move or collapse/expand the Taxonomy ‘tree’ structure. 

Editing Taxonomy Terms

If you see a pencil icon anywhere on the Vable platform, you can edit or amend the text. Update the Taxonomy text as required, and click on the checkmark to confirm.

Deleting Taxonomy Terms

If you see a trash can icon anywhere on the Vable platform, you can delete (or detach in some instances) the item in question. You will be asked to confirm the Taxonomy deletion before it will be completed.

When a taxonomy tag is applied to a source, all new articles that come into that source after it has been tagged will inherit the taxonomy immediately. Older articles will not inherit a tag. If you untag a Source, all articles already in the system will keep the taxonomy tag that was previously applied. Future articles that come in after the Tag is removed will not be tagged.

Moving Taxonomy Terms

The ability to move terms or subterms around might be useful. Note that when you move a term it will also include all the subterms too.  Click on the icon, select the parent node you want it moved to and click yes to confirm. It will then update with your changes, and the term with all its sub-terms will move.

In this example Employment is currently under Practices, but it can be moved under Business etc. If you wish, it can be moved to top (or Root Level).

Assigning Taxonomy Terms

Once the Taxonomy has been created, sources can be assigned both retrospectively or going forward. This can be done via the Sources page or on an individual source’s details view. You can add taxonomy terms in multiple ways.

Update multiple sources simultaneously 

From the Sources list view, tick the boxes for the sources to which you want to apply the same taxonomy and click on the Taxonomy icon at the top of the list. There will be a pop-up window with your Taxonomy list so you can apply one or more taxonomy terms to the sources. You can also remove taxonomy terms from sources in this way by unselecting the terms in the pop-up.

Update a single source from the list view

Alternately, you can click on the 3 dot icon on the far right of the the source you want to update and select attach source to taxonomy:


Update within the detail view of a source

If you are in the detail view of a source, click on Actions and select Taxonomies from the drop down menu. Simply select or deselect the applicable taxonomy terms for the source. 

When a source is assigned to a taxonomy term, only new articles that come into that source will inherit the categorization. When removed, the historic classification will remain but any new articles will no longer inherit the taxonomy classification.

Taxonomy terms can be attached to new sources as you add them because Vable will ask you as part of that process.

Searching Using the Taxonomy Filter 

Taxonomy terms will appear on the left as a filter option Taxonomies when searching within the Articles and Sources pages. Expand to drill down, or you can search for your specific taxonomy term. You apply the filter in the usual way; one click on the + to add, - to exclude. 

If you apply the top level terms, it will include all sub-terms in the search. You can exclude by clicking on the X.

You can combine as many filters as you like in your searches. 

Note: Private Taxonomy is available on InfoPro Professional and InfoPro Enterprise subscriptions. For more information, please contact your account manager.

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